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How to Set-Up Human Resources Accruals in Dynamics GP
Are you utilizing Payroll and Human Resources through Microsoft Dynamics GP?  Are you still using Payroll Vacation/Sick time for recording available hours?  It is time to get away from this functionality and use Human Resources to its fullest capabilities. First, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP Button | Tools | Setup | Human Resources | Attendance | Setup   Choose Accrue Type of Human Resources.  This will enable the options below.  If you select to Allow entry of attendance type and reason in Payroll, a window will open in the Payroll Transaction Entry when entering a Pay Code related to Vacation/Sick/Holiday/etc. and prompt you to enter a Reason and Type.     Next, set the Current Year and Last Day Accrued.  If you are using the Payroll Accrue option currently, enter the date of the last time the accrual process ran.  If you are just starting out with accruals it is […]
Understanding the Received/Not Invoiced (RNI) Report in Dynamics GP
(Purchasing | Reports |Analysis |Received/Not Invoiced) The Received/Not Invoiced Report (RNI) was created to allow Microsoft Dynamics GP users to reconcile their sub-ledger receipts to the Purchase Accrual Account. It provides a detailed list of all the open receipts pending to be invoiced. Reconciling the Purchase Accrual Account is always challenging.  Normally, users do not even realize that Dynamics GP has a report to help reconcile the account.    There are a few reasons for this report to have discrepancies.  First, remember that the Purchase Accrual Account is a control account. These types of accounts are tied to a sub-ledger and should not have journal entries entered directly to them. Normally, an off balance sub-ledger is the result of creating journal entries directly to a control account. The second issue with this report are receipts that have not been matched to an invoice and the invoice has been paid directly […]
ERROR: “The database setup has not been completed for Microsoft Dynamics GP”
Does your business run two instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP? If you’re doing business in more than one region, the answer is likely yes. However, sometimes having multiple instances can cause errors you might not normally see. In this blog, we’ll show you how to solve one such error that causes you to receive a popup that states “the database setup has not been completed for Microsoft Dynamics GP.” The Scenario One instance in which I encountered this error was while helping a client who had a United States instance of Dynamics GP as well as an Australian (AUS) instance of Dynamics GP. We created a new company using GP utilities, as we would normally do, but when this client attempted to log into the newly created company on the Australian GP client, they received the following error: “The database setup has not been completed for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Use […]
Microsoft Dynamics GP: Employee Taxes Got You Stumped?
Figuring out Federal and State tax withholdings, can be very confusing.  Especially with all the options in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In this guide, I’ll help you to understand the Employee Tax Maintenance and State Tax Maintenance windows and how you should decipher the forms given. The Employee Tax Maintenance window works off of the Federal W-4 Form.  The State Tax Maintenance window works off of the State’s equivalent of the W-4 Form. Here is a link to those forms: If you only have your employees fill out the Federal W-4 Form, you’ll use this for both windows to fill in the information.  For the State of California as an example, you’ll use the DE-4 form for the number of additional withholdings allowances for estimated deductions claimed if completed by the employee. Employee Maintenance Tax Window To help fill out the Employee Tax Maintenance Window in GP, we will use […]
How to Set Up a Distributed Process Server in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Are you a multi-tasker in Microsoft Dynamics GP? Have you ever tried to post batches while printing a report? Dynamics GP itself is not a very good multi-tasker. The system will put your post batch process in the queue and let you wait until your report has finished printing. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to turn your Dynamics GP system into a multi-tasker? There is! Microsoft Dynamics GP has the capability to send designated processes to another computer/virtual machine to be completed without slowing your multi-tasking workstation down. In this blog, we'll demonstrate how to set up a Distributed Process Server (DPS) in Microsoft Dynamics GP. To get started, I have set up two virtual machines; one for running the GP application (DB001) and the other one for distributing the process to (GP001). Both machines need to have Dynamics GP installed and have the […]
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