7 Steps to Manually Download and Install CRM Update Rollup 13 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Install on Windows Server 2012

Recently, I experienced an issue when trying to install Dynamics CRM 2011 on Windows Server 2012. The installation made it past the “Download and Install Required Components” portion but then stalled without any prompts appearing. According to Task Manager, both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server setup and Microsoft Dynamics CRM were still running but in idle mode.

Through a quick Google search, I came across an article noting that a supported update for the installation, Update Rollup 13, was available. During my initial CRM installation, no rollup updates were detected and downloaded which caused the CRM install to fail.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Setup

By manually downloading the Update Rollup 13 file and executing the setup via command prompt (referencing the update file), I was able to successfully install Dynamics CRM 2011 on Windows Server 2012.

Follow the 7 easy steps below:

1. Go to http://catalog.update.microsoft.com

  • Search for ‘KB2434455’
  • Click Add for “Setup Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011”
  • Click View Basket
  • Click Download button
  • When download is complete, extract MSP from cab file 1033

2. Create an XML file with the following content and name the file “config.xml”:


*Update the highlighted path to the directory where the MSP file is located.

3. Save the XML file in the same directory where the MSP file (from Step 1) is located.

4. Launch Command Prompt and run it as administrator.

5. Execute the SetupServer.exe file with parameter to read the config XML file - enter the following to run in Command Prompt:

C:[CRM2011 files location]SetupServer.exe /config C:TEMPconfig.xml

*Update the highlighted path to the directory where the files are located.

6. Setup will launch and prompt that “Setup has finished downloading the update”.

7. Continue with the installation setup.

Additional Resources:

Please contact FMT Consultants should you have any questions or if you need assistance installing Dynamics CRM 2011 on Server 2012.

Written by:
Jamie Tieu, Customer Care Consultant
FMT Consultants

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