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According to ZoomMeetingsClassAction.com the popular video conferencing software giant, Zoom Video Communications, Inc., recently settled a class action lawsuit for a cool (preliminary!) $85 million dollars. Without admitting liability and while refuting allegations of damages, Zoom apparently felt a settlement would be the most advisable path forward.

Why? Because privacy and security remain one of the highest priorities for people working and collaborating online. According to the lawsuit, Zoom's previous approach to securing access to the Zoom Meetings Application lacked sufficient encryption and privacy controls resulting in unauthorized information sharing and meeting disruptions by third parties. Meeting disruptions alone led the FBI to issue a warning about ‘Zoom-bombing’.

What? Yes, Zoom-bombing involves unidentified and uninvited individuals popping into Zoom meetings at schools and businesses shouting profanity, disrupting the meetings, and displaying inappropriate images/videos. Throughout the Covid pandemic Zoom-bombing happened regularly in virtual classrooms and boardrooms across the country. What a nightmare!

Do you use Zoom? If so, at FMT we recommend that you assess how much you really value your security and privacy, bank your share of the class action settlement, and bring your business to Microsoft. If you already have Microsoft licensing, you likely already have a security-minded, privacy-enhanced collaboration platform available to you – Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft takes your privacy and security seriously which is why they have built robust protection into each of their platforms. They’ve been doing this for decades, and constantly work to improve and enhance technical resilience and secure performance! If you want to know more about Microsoft Teams security – please feel free to read further here:

Security guide for Microsoft Teams overview - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Don’t have the time to get through the estimated time to read of 21 minutes? Need further assistance getting your company onto Microsoft Teams or any other Microsoft solution? FMT is here to help. We are Microsoft experts – please reach out, and we’ll schedule a secure, private meeting... on Microsoft Teams.

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