What is Dynamics xRM?

The Information Technology field is crawling with acronyms, and it can often be challenging to make sense of all of it. Once you feel comfortable with an acronym like CRM, the industry introduces a new term like xRM that has you scratching your head all over again.

For the purpose of this blog, we are going to take a look at xRM - what it stands for and how it can impact your business.

First, I'll need to start with another acronym - "CRM" - which stands for Customer Relationship Management. If we take the words Relationship Management from CRM and replace the C, we're left with x Relationship Management - and that's what xRM really is; it's anything-you-can-think-of Relationship Management.

Using Dynamics CRM as a platform, organizations have the ability to leverage its abundant features to create the solution that truly fits their needs.

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the relevant features that can be used and, as far as I know, the versions they were released in:

  • Editing the SiteMap, Ribbon Button, Custom Entities, Processes, Plugins, Client-Side Web Resources, SOAP Endpoint, Activities (around since CRM 4.0)
  • OData Endpoint (CRM 2011)
  • Business Rules (CRM 2013)
  • Calculated and rollup fields (CRM 2015)
  • WebAPI (CRM 2016)

As you can see, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Product Team continues to make an effort in every version to support its developers who help build the xRM solutions.

You probably know CRM as a "Sales Software" or a database that companies use to manage its account information.

You might even know about Leads, Accounts, and Contacts and are really comfortable with logging activities against these Entities.

Or you may even have flashy reports and dashboards that display meaningful information.

But are you aware of the options that you have outside of basic CRM functionality?

If you are curious about the flexibility of Dynamics CRM and want to learn more about its powerful features and capabilities, please feel free to reach out to our CRM team in our contact form below and we can give you some pointers.

Written by:
Henry Lin
Senior Consultant

 FMT Consultants
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