Manually searching for emails or files that will protect your organization against litigation is inefficient, costly, and risky. Improve the accuracy of your electronic discovery with eDiscovery in Office 365.

We will look at the features and benefits of eDiscovery, and demonstrate just how easy it is to find and collect electronic data across multiple laptops, email servers, file servers, and other sources.

Topics Include:

• Placing mailboxes under legal hold
• Creating eDiscovery sites and searches
• Controlling access to data
• Archiving old employee email and data

What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery, or electronic discovery, is the process of collecting and producing electronically stored information. With Office 365, eDiscovery will be able to search for content from Exchange Online mailboxes or SharePoint Online sites. This tool is commonly used in the legal sector to simplify the process of searching for relevant data across the organization for litigation and investigation purposes.