Video: Copy/Paste from Excel to Dynamics GP

This video demonstrates TitaniumGP - an low-cost productivity suite that enhances the value and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The video covers the following features:

COPY/PASTE - Directly into GP Windows: TitaniumGP brings the ease of “copy/paste” into Dynamics GP transactions. This feature allows you to import detail lines prepared in your spreadsheet program and paste them into the appropriate GP window.

ELASTIC WINDOWS: Allows you to add new fields of any SQL Type to the GP window. You can also add view information that automatically changes based on the position of the cursor in the window simply by adding tables or views that follow a naming convention. The opportunity to grow the functionality of a GP window is endless.

SEARCH: New and simple way to launch windows inside Dynamics GP. To launch Customer Maintenance, (Cards | Sales | Customer), simply enter CSC in the Menu Code/Search box and the window is opened.

NEXT ID: With a series of parameters, TitaniumGP assists you in finding what should be your next ID, even if it includes only a few characters from the name.

SAVE to EXCEL: Quickly and easily transfer all the data you need; simply open a document in GP and use the menu command to “Save to Excel”. The tool then prompts you to choose the path and file name for your document.

The video is a recording of our live webinar conducted on September 12th, 2013.

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