My Top 9 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Features

The following is a list comprised of my top 9 (in no particular order) favorite new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Throughout all my favorites, you will see that the individual user experience and choices among other benefits are pervasive.

1. Navigation

A giant and very apparent difference between Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM 2013 is navigation. The left navigation and ribbon menu are gone! In CRM 2013, without left navigation and no ribbon menu, all you have to do is click on any drop down to access the page you wish. With no ribbon, you’ll only see the commands related to the things you’re working on instead of a ribbon displaying everything - it’s all stripped down to just the few relevant commands.. Simple is good!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Navigation

2. Auto Save

No need to tap Save when you’re editing. Records are saved automatically when you create a new record or update a record. While editing, CRM automatically saves the record every 30 seconds and it automatically saves when you close the record, or jump to another page. This feature can be disabled in the Settings if it is not applicable or usable in your processes, but having the auto-save will really eliminate some clicks for those of you that have had to save and close every record in the past. Better user experience!

3. Pop-up Windows

The pop-up window frustration is gone – or at least can be eliminated if it is as annoying to you as it is to me. Now, like any modern website, everything happens inside one window. As simple as it sounds, and even though I am not ranking my top 10, this is really one of my big favorites! And relax pop-up lovers, if your situation warrants a pop-up you can certainly turn it on as an option. Your Choice!

4. Business Process Flow

Organizations can now create processes for any entity. This process flow can guide a user from point A to point B in customer service and sales processes. You can also employ multiple processes for the same record type using security roles to make it available to the right users. The method of creating Processes in CRM is just like creating workflows or dialogs in CRM 2011. The process bar at the top of the screen visually makes the flow very easy to follow and complete. I love this one! Classify under Better User Experience.

5. Images

The functionality to associate images on entities enables you to store images on custom entities and User and Contact records. Everybody likes pictures!

6. Multi Browser Support

Dynamics CRM 2013 fully supports browser compatibility for IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari latest browsers. Microsoft continues to promote a device “agnostic” platform so that you can use your browser of choice! Today, it’s all about the choices, right?

7. Windows 8 and iPad Apps

Real mobile apps for iPad and Windows 8 tablets are part of the picture, and with access to CRM on your Windows Tablet or iPad as well as your mobile phone, you have all the tools you need to work, wherever you are. Just being able to access client or prospect data prior to a call or visit makes you look and feel more professional! Since your data is cached for offline access should you lose connectivity, you can get key data whenever and wherever you are. (I think this goes hand-in-hand with multi-browser support above) Choices!

8. Yammer Integration

You know how you and your team can really benefit from the ability to quickly comment on posts or start contextual conversations from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Yammer. Integration with Yammer is cool! Participate in relevant conversations from inside Microsoft Dynamics, through the Yammer web and desktop apps as well as apps running on all the popular mobile devices. Choices!

9. Skype integration

Skype voice call or video conference from within a lead, prospect or contact, with one tap is efficient and economical. Enough said! These tiny pieces of efficiencies really add up! User Experience.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or to get a live demonstration please contact FMT Consultants.

Written by:
Tom Poure, Senior Account Executive
FMT Consultants

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