Top 3 Benefits in Moving Dynamics CRM On-Premise to D365

You might be wondering: Is your organization getting enough out of its CRM system?

There are a couple reoccurring themes that we as FMT Consultants often encounter when working with our customers in moving Dynamics CRM On-Premise to D365. If you are considering the move for your CRM environment, you might want to pay attention to some of these factors as they are real opportunities for you to effectively modernize your business processes:

1. Customizations

From Custom Entities to Workflows to Plugins to ISVs to XRM, chances are, you’ve got some level of customization going on in your CRM system. As long as you have CRM 2013 or later, cross your fingers, you’ll be able to upgrade customizations without issue:

Version compatibility

Solutions exported from an earlier version of Dynamics 365 can be imported into later versions as shown in the following chart.

Upgrading without issue, unfortunately, is oftentimes not the case. Unsupported customizations like direct SQL queries and deprecated interaction with Web Services need updating, without question, but that just gets you to Square One in Dynamics 365 Online.
Once you have stepped foot in the Microsoft Cloud, however, there’s no going back. When Dynamics CRM On-Premise to D365, not only do you have access to new features in the D365 application so you can improve or create new processes that make sense for your organization, but you have much, much more access to all the different tools provided by the native integration with Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and CSP, FMT Consultants can provide valuable insight into how your organization can optimize efficiency in the cloud.

2. Data Migration

If you have any version of CRM On-Premise, deploying to D365 always requires migrating data. CRM 4.0 came out more than ten years ago. Let me repeat that—CRM 4.0 came out ten years ago. That means you may have 10 years’ worth of activities and customer info that can be shrunk down, cleaned up, and transformed for your D365 Environment. This migration of data needs to be done without interruption to your daily operations if CRM is currently live.

FMT Consultants can help you navigate and execute this data transfer from your old CRM to D365 Online seamlessly.

3. Data Integration

Since FMT Consultants has a thriving GP and NetSuite Practice, a common requirement that our organization needs to solve for is the Account and Customer integration.
CRM oftentimes is the system of record for Customers. Account Information is captured and maintained in the CRM system and it needs to flow over to the ERP system where it is readable but not editable. This way, the ERP users only have to worry about creating sales order transactions in the ERP system. Traditionally, in an on premise environment, as sales order transactions are fulfilled, they flow back into the CRM system as records so that there is bi-directional integration and visibility in both systems. As your organization grows, however, this constant back and forth exchange of information can increase exponentially. While the answer in on premise might just be to improve the speed of bulk operations, since you definitely can do that, there is an opportunity to consider a new approach. In the Microsoft Cloud, you have new options… from Power BI Dashboards to custom controls where, since you are in the web, web services can be called to return data on demand using a display only interface rather than storing the data in your CRM. In this way, your CRM users can “see” what’s happening with the customer, but you’re not bursting the seams by duplicating large data sets.

FMT Consultants can help you clearly determine and define the implementation of your integrations.

If you are considering moving Dynamics CRM On-Premise to D365, please fill out the form below and let us know how we can be of assistance!

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