Think a 4-day Work Week is Possible?

California is starting to think so and that is why the state is pushing forward legislation to make many employee’s dreams a reality.  According to this CNBC article,

“Legislation is now working its way through the state legislature that would make the standard workweek 32 hours for companies with more than 500 workers. There would be no cut in pay, and those who work more would be compensated at a rate of no less than 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay.”

How is that possible you ask?  Those 32 hours you do have with employees have to be efficient and focused.  For many companies, the real question should be, “If this legislation passes, are we prepared?”

Many may answer with an overwhelming “NO!” but this doesn’t have to be the case – Microsoft is there for you, ready to assist!  Through their Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA), they enable individuals to have the world class products needed to manage time effectively and stay on top of tasks, enable teams to centralize shared content and collaborate in real time and enable organizations to assess behavior across all business units – all while keeping the group safe and secure through ‘zero trust’ framework.

What can you do to see if your business is prepared?  If you are a Microsoft customer already, Microsoft offers their ‘Productivity Score’ where they present a consolidated view of where your organization stands.  Looking at that data is a good starting point!

Another great route is Viva Insights, Microsoft’s product which can help employees (and even employer’s) bring to light habits which may be counterproductive.  Does your calendar (possibly only 32 hours soon) give you enough time to focus on what’s important?  Viva Insights will let you know.  Could your time working with others be more productive?  The answer can be found here as well.

The links provided above have a wealth of empowering knowledge in them, all geared towards making 40 hours fit into 32.  If you read through this information and don’t know actionable next steps to improve, let FMT know!  We are still working 40+ hours a week as a Microsoft Gold Partner to help you implement the tools which will make a 32-hour work week a possible reality.  Talk to us!

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