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Microsoft Dynamics GP: Employee Taxes Got You Stumped?
Figuring out Federal and State tax withholdings, can be very confusing.  Especially with all the options in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In this guide, I’ll help you to understand the Employee Tax Maintenance and State Tax Maintenance windows and how you should decipher the forms given. The Employee Tax Maintenance window works off of the Federal W-4 Form.  The State Tax Maintenance window works off of the State’s equivalent of the W-4 Form. Here is a link to those forms: If you only have your employees fill out the Federal W-4 Form, you’ll use this for both windows to fill in the information.  For the State of California as an example, you’ll use the DE-4 form for the number of additional withholdings allowances for estimated deductions claimed if completed by the employee. Employee Maintenance Tax Window To help fill out the Employee Tax Maintenance Window in GP, we will use […]
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