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Enhancing Dynamics GP With VBA Customization
There are times in Dynamics GP where you want to change the behavior of a form and VBA customization (Visual Basic for Applications) can be a great tool to use! For instance, changing the site ID and requested ship date in a sales order header doesn’t revise sales line items that are already in the sales order – changing the site ID and requested ship date in existing line items was a requirement for one of our clients. In this blog, we will go over how to enhance Dynamics GP using customization via VBA and deployment. Customization Before making any changes, make sure to copy the DYNAMICS.SET file (name the copy DYNAMICS_DEV.SET or something similar to distinguish it from the original). Open GP using this copied file by dragging the DYNAMICS_DEV.SET file over the Dynamics.exe file and select open. This will allow you to make changes without affecting the Dynamics […]
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