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[Video] Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP 2018 is right around the corner As a Microsoft Dynamics GP user, you’re likely familiar with navigating the 2-year release cycle and the questions that come with each new release. Should you upgrade now? Wait for R2? Is the new functionality worth the cost? What happens if you stay on your current version? With Microsoft scheduled to release GP 2018 this December, the question is upon us once again. Will you idle along or hit the gas? Watch this video to learn more about the latest release from Microsoft and the options that you have for maintaining your financial management system. In this video, explore: • Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap • New features in GP 2018 • Upgrading your financial system – pros and cons • Applying it to your business – you have options!
What to Expect During a GP Upgrade
The old Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrades that we used to know have evolved into more seamless, less disruptive version updates. When Microsoft introduced the Web Client in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, GP transitioned from each release being a major upgrade to more of an update from one version to another.  The key difference between the two approaches, is that an update of Dynamics GP should not be as disruptive to the business, e.g. systems offline for multiple days, in order to take advantage of the new features and capabilities. Since these updates are easier to apply, companies that utilize Dynamics GP are able to keep their solution on the most current version, rather than stay one or more versions behind. While Microsoft is describing these releases as an update, the installation of a new version of Dynamics GP should not be approached as you would when you install an update […]
Should you upgrade to Dynamics GP 2016, or wait for R2?
As enhancements and new features become available in Dynamics GP releases, we often find customers asking themselves if they should upgrade to the latest version or wait for the R2 release. In the past, when Microsoft was on a 2-year release cycle, customers would often wait for the first service pack or R2 release because they were nervous about bugs with new features and wanted to wait until all the kinks were ironed out. Well, that mentality as become outdated. This blog will look at how upgrades were approached in the past, and the shift to staying current with GP updates going forward, the right path for your business, and what’s new in GP 2016. Upgrades are a thing of the past Conventional thinking with software, and technology in general, has been to not rush in on the first release or introduction of a product, but rather wait for 2.0 […]
Should I Upgrade to SQL 2012?
Microsoft recently released the latest version of SQL Server (“Denali”) 2012. With every new SQL Server release, hundreds of new features and improvements are added, and this is a major one! Enhancements can be found throughout the product, across all components including the Database Engine, Analysis Service, SSIS, Reporting and Master Data Services. Like previous releases, SQL 2012 brings along faster performance, great availability, improved data exploration, more consistent data, and optimized productivity. So what does all this mean? And more importantly, should you upgrade? The new release of SQL Server comes with many new and cool features. So many that it is outside the scope of this article to go through them all, but here are a few highlights: Always On: A new feature that improves database mirroring allowing you to fail over multiple databases instead of individually.  SQL Server Data Tools: SQL Server Management Studio now runs in […]
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