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Part 2. Dynamics GP Stuck Batches
Previously, in Part 1 we discussed Batch Edit Lists and how they can help you, including preventing batches that get stuck because of a transaction-level error. Sometimes, however, batches stick for an entirely different reason. During posting, the bulk of the processing actually takes place on the SQL database server rather than on your workstation. But at several points in the process, the server needs to communicate back to your GP client to pass the results back and send any instructions for the next steps back to the SQL server. And then in some modules (GL in particular), a final necessary step is sending the report data back to the client to print the posting journals – and if they don’t print, it doesn’t finish posting. It’s during those back-and-forth periods that the process becomes vulnerable. If communication is interrupted, even very briefly, the posting process can fail or only partially complete. […]
Part 1. Dynamics GP Batch Edit Lists vs. Bad Data and Stuck Batches
Though every module of GP can be set to allow individual transaction posting, most users can benefit from batch posting. A batch is a group of transactions that will be posted all at once.  Once you have a certain quantity of transactions, it just isn’t feasible to post one-by-one anyway, but for consistency of process even single transactions can also be put into and posted in a batch. But if you’re using batches and not using Batch Edit Lists, you’re losing a lot of benefit.  The Batch Edit List can be printed from any module’s Batch Entry window from the printer icon on the top right of the window: The Edit List can be printed to screen or printer and checked for accuracy or error messages before the batch is posted:   If you’ve ever had a transaction or batch fail mid-posting, leaving you with a stuck batch that can’t […]
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