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SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview
Microsoft recently announced the availability of the SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview, and boy are we excited. Here at FMT we can’t wait to get our hands on this new and shiny SharePoint platform to discover all its cool, new features. We’ve explored the preview thoroughly since its release, and this blog provides an overview of some of the new and improved features in SharePoint 2016. Before the release of the Preview, Microsoft shared with us that SharePoint 2016 will deliver enhancements and new capabilities in three major areas: Improved user experiences Cloud-inspired infrastructure Compliance and reporting Let’s review some of the prominent new features in more detail to get a sense of how much SharePoint Server 2016 has improved in these three major areas. Mobile Experience in SharePoint 2016 Microsoft has invested heavily to ensure a consistent experience across all screen sizes, and to make sure that users are […]
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