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SharePoint Sandboxed Solutions are dead – Here’s how to save existing ones
SharePoint sandboxed solutions were introduced by Microsoft for the first time in SharePoint 2010. Sandboxed solutions enabled site collection users to upload their own custom code solutions. This feature was very useful for users who did not have SharePoint Farm privileges. Under this system, users simply had to develop a sandbox solution using Visual Studio, upload it to the solution gallery of the site collection, and then their solution was ready to start using after activation. Unfortunately, Microsoft announced deprecation of code based sandboxed solutions on January 14, 2014, and last week announced that they are going to completely remove code-based sandbox solutions. As part of the removal process, you will not be able to activate any new code-based sandbox solutions. Additionally, in the coming weeks, Microsoft is going to disable all code-based sandbox solutions from SharePoint Online multi-tenant environments. Customers can look at the Office 365 Message Center and […]
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