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Top 6 criteria for implementing NetSuite with a trusted partner
Here at FMT, we get 2-3 calls a week from companies in the middle of their phase one of NetSuite implementation asking us for assistance. The calls usually go the same way: “We burned through 70% of our budget, only completed 15% of the implementation”, or “we selected the wrong implementation team”. NetSuite is a powerful ERP platform that can help transform your business but if you don’t select the right implementation partner, chances are, you will be one of those weekly calls. In this blog, we will go over the top 6 criteria to consider before deciding on your next NetSuite trusted partner.   Vertical Expertise & Reference FMT specializes in wholesale distribution and manufacturing and has the NetSuite references to prove it. If the partner you’re speaking to does not understand your business, how can they help you be successful? If they don’t have happy clients willing to share […]
[Video] BI360: Streamlining Budgeting and Forecasting
Does your current budgeting cycle consist of back-and-forth email threads with too many spreadsheets and broken links? Or is your time consumed by manually entering budgeting information into each account in your ERP solution? Once you have the numbers, is it challenging to make sense of all of it? If so, it’s time to graduate to consolidated budgeting and forecasting with BI360. BI360 Budgeting & Forecasting is an Excel add-in with powerful workflow, collaboration and security controls that is easy to use and provides a full look into your organization so you can be confident in the decisions you make.  
Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Reporting: Breaking Down the Fine Print
When it comes to building reports in Dynamics CRM 2016, most of our customers take for granted that they will be able to create any kind of report, simple or complex, by leveraging the existing out-of-the-box features without development intervention. Unfortunately, this is not true when we want to build complex reporting because at some point we will need SQL Reporting Service expertise to accomplish some customizations. The following are some fine print considerations that you need to know if you’re going to use the out-of- the box reporting capabilities in Dynamics CRM: Report Wizard (Paginated Reports) The Fine Print: These reports will look good as long as you don’t use more than 10 columns. If you use more than 10, the format will be compromised. You can only fetch data from 2 entities (Primary and Related). This report is limited to 3 groups by clauses. Only count/none aggregation is […]
SCARED of a Sloppy Sales Syndrome Relapse? Find the Cure Using Dynamics CRM Online
Just when you thought you had your work life organized, a new quarter starts and you’re buried with new leads, ongoing tasks with current clients, and the grueling search for new opportunities. Sloppy Sales Syndrome strikes again. On top of dealing with your own workload, the pains of postponing the sales cycle while waiting for deliverables from other resources on your team can be frustrating. But why wait for other people to assist you when you can be proactive and speed up the sales cycle on your own? In this blog, we’ll share 3 tricks that will help you take control of your opportunities using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. 1. DocuSign: Automated Document Delivery How often do you hear a client use the excuse, “My boss is out of the office and can’t sign your agreement until he returns?” With the new DocuSign CRM add-in, you can leverage automated templates […]
10 Reporting Options for Dynamics GP 2016 and When to Use Them
Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive accounting/ERP solution designed to help you streamline and unify all the different parts of your business. Dynamics GP provides you with enhanced visibility into your company’s financial data making it easy to make decisions quickly and accurately. Many companies running Dynamics GP, however, are just scraping the surface when it comes to utilizing the software’s reporting capabilities. At times, this means they often struggle to pull out critical data and reports when needed. This blog will provide an overview of the most common reporting options in Dynamics GP as well as the situations in which they are most useful. 1. "Out-of-the-box" Reports There are a number of pre-built reports that can be run in order to view common Financial and Systematic Reports. The data presented in the reports can be filtered, but the organization of the data is difficult to modify, limiting the visual […]
Video: Bring Your Dynamics GP Data to Life with Power BI
Does your organization have easy access to all your GP data across all devices? Do you find it easy to create dashboards, interactive reports, and stunning visualizations? If not, this is a must-watch video! During this video we’ll demonstrate how you can transform your existing Dynamics GP data into rich reports, visuals and customized dashboards. Topics include: Connecting Dynamics GP to Power BI Building customized dashboards and reports using Dynamics GP sales data Creating stunning visualizations Mobile access to your Dynamics GP data With accurate and easy to read data you’ll gain deep visibility across your entire organization, be able to spot trends as they happen and steer your business towards greater heights. What is Power BI? Power BI from Microsoft is a cloud-based business analytics self-service reporting platform that gives you a single view of your most critical business data – across all devices. Power BI integrates easily with […]
3 NetSuite Reporting Features You Can’t Live Without
In this blog, we’ll explore three key reporting features in NetSuite that will help you gain complete visibility into your organizational data and performance. The three NetSuite reporting features are: Financial Segmentation Slicing and Dicing of Financial Reports Financial Report Customization 1. NetSuite Reporting and Segmentation What are Financial Segments? The Financial Segments are divisions or subsets of business operations. In order to be considered segments, these divisions must have a direct financial impact on the company. Each segment’s expenses and revenues may be accounted for separately. Furthermore, segments facilitate financial reporting and permit slicing and dicing of financial information. A. Introduction to NetSuite Segments In NetSuite, all segment lists can be found under Setup > Company > Classifications Section. The segments can be imported via CSV. The segments support parent and child relationships, which means that you can have departments and sub-departments or Classes and Sub-Classes. Segments are available on […]
The Top 7 Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting Options and When to Use Them
Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive accounting/ERP solution designed to help you streamline and unify all parts of your business while providing you with enhanced visibility into your company’s financial data. Many companies running Dynamics GP, however, are far from utilizing the reporting capabilities in GP and are often struggling to pull out critical data and reports when needed. This blog provides an overview of the most common reporting options in Dynamics GP as well as the situations in which they are most useful. Option 1: Inquiry Windows & Lists Though Inquiry Windows cannot be used to create actual reports, they are still worth mentioning as it is one of the most common ways of retrieving information from Dynamics GP. Every module has a series of Inquiry Windows which can be used to instantly view data in the system. Inquiry Windows are unique in that they display pertinent information to the […]
Video: Analytics and Reporting with NetSuite
Are you utilizing your company data to: Monitor the health and activities of your business? Obtain real-time and actionable insight into your organization? Gain visibility into market trends and buying patterns? Drive informed decision-making to increase profitability? If not, this video will help you get started. In this webinar Paul Clayton, Director of Consulting Services at FMT Consultants, dives into the analytics and reporting capabilities of NetSuite's SuiteAnalytics and demonstrates specific tools that will help you extract and analyze data from a wide range of sources. The topics of the video include: • Real-time transparency into company performance across all business functions • Drill down capabilities to easily slice and dice your data • Personalized and configurable dashboards and KPI charts • On-the-go access to all your company data via web browser and mobile devices • Self-serve reporting tools The video was recorded on April 22nd, 2014. FMT Consultants is a leading […]
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