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Excel Templates: Another Powerful Reporting Tool in Microsoft Dynamics 365
Last year, I shared another blog entry called, “Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Reporting: Breaking down the Fine Print." At that time I had not had the chance to work with Excel Templates— a super attractive feature for Excel lovers. This feature was introduced in the Dynamics CRM 2016 Update (Online/On Premises). Here we will explore Excel Templates as another reporting capability in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Excel templates can use Dynamics 365 as a data source and perform calculations, pivot tables, pivot charts, macros and many other Excel operations. You may be wondering, can’t you just do the same thing with Dynamic worksheets? Yes, you can! However, there’s a big difference that you can take advantage of; Excel templates are hosted on the Dynamics 365 platform. That means these Excel templates can be shared and used across your organization— forget that folder share solution on your intranet.    The Good: Easy steps to configure […]
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