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Office 365 bulk attribute update via PowerShell
In today fast-paced business environment, management attempt to perform an Office 365 users audit might find that the company had grown faster than they kept up with. Lots of unfamiliar names with assigned licenses and difficulties telling who belonged to which department. A request was put in for the Office 365 administrator to update user profiles with additional information such as title, department, and phone. A fairly easy task to perform, but quite a tall order if the information was not populated for all 126 users. Here is where PowerShell comes to the rescue! The tool can be leveraged and the list can be updated in a template spreadsheet to eliminate the need to edit individual profiles within Office 365 admin portal. Such tasks may take hours to complete.   Prerequisites: Office 365 “cloud” users. This process will not work on users that are synchronized from on-premises Active Directory via […]
How to Connect to Office 365 and Exchange Online in Less Than 2 Minutes using PowerShell
90% of our clients type the following command lines highlighted in yellow each time they want to connect to Office 365 or Exchange Online via PowerShell: Office 365 Exchange Online If you regularly need to connect to Office 365 and Exchange Online either because the GUI doesn’t allow you to perform a particular task or because the feature you want to leverage is not available through the GUI, please follow the steps below to make the simultaneous connection to Office 365 and Exchange Online as simple and fast as a double click: Connect Simultaneously to Office 365 and Exchange Online At the root of your C drive ( C: ), create a folder named “Office365”. Within the “Office365” folder that you have just created, create a file named “HowToConnect.ps1” (the file name is up to you but the .ps1 extension is required) and copy/paste the following 5 command lines into […]
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