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New Features in SharePoint 2016
SharePoint 2016 is built on the same core as SharePoint 2013 online, but with improved scalability, performance, reliability and user experience. The new update also comes with a handful of new and exciting features. This blog builds upon the new features that were announced in the SharePoint 2016 IT Preview. Improved Provisioning Capabilities SharePoint 2016 is designed to help manage administrative tasks more efficiently by reducing the processing time of each individual task. The new and improved provisioning capabilities will free up your IT department to focus on other mission critical projects. Mobile Experience The new SharePoint 2016 update also includes an improved mobile navigation experience. The touch-friendly experience incorporates industry standards for mobile push and information synchronization. It also empowers screen consistency across different devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet or slate. Hybrid Cloud Search Hybrid search makes content finding easy. If there is an environment in which content […]
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