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5 Easy Steps to Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Your Website Forms
With the prevalence of omnichannel marketing - utilizing multiple concurrent channels to engage with prospects and customers – most marketing and sales professionals inevitably face the challenge of data management. Managing and consolidating data from different sources and applications take time and can easily become a cumbersome burden on any marketing department. That’s one of the reasons why the use of tightly integrated CRM solutions and marketing automation platforms has proliferated. These solutions allow marketing and sales professionals to work smarter by automating work tasks, integrating different platforms and data sources, and limiting the amount of manual and tedious data entry. In this blog we’ll demonstrate how to use ClickDimensions, a marketing automation platform developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to easily integrate your website forms with Dynamics CRM. With this integration, all data entered through your website will be entered into Dynamics CRM automatically. While ClickDimensions is a powerful […]
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