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Microsoft SharePoint Implementations: Why They Fail and How to Avoid It
This blog is about SharePoint implementation experiences, lessons learned and thoughts about what it takes for a successful implementation. Specifically, it focuses on information overload, a common challenge most companies face when implementing SharePoint, and how to avoid it. SharePoint is a robust and powerful tool that favors configuration over development. Most of the functionality that you need for your business is already built-in, but many organizations still fail to successfully implement SharePoint. You will find this blog helpful if you are in one of following situations: You have already implemented SharePoint, but need a re-design You are currently implementing SharePoint, but lost in the process You are new to SharePoint The Detrimental Mindset: SharePoint is so Easy a Caveman Can Do It! The mindset of most users who are new to SharePoint is, “that’s great I can install SharePoint and start sharing documents. I can apply security, create sites, […]
The Importance of a Solid SharePoint Methodology
Avoid Living in a “SharePoint Shack”! “Why would I pay a SharePoint consultant to implement something that is so cheap to buy?” When implementing Microsoft SharePoint, many organizations slap together the basics found in SharePoint Foundation 2013, maybe add some categories, provide some custom views, and tweak the User Interface to make it pretty. Basically, slapping together a “SharePoint Shack”. The shack “works” but falls far short of delivering the efficiencies and processes to provide measurable increases in productivity and other benefits. Any SharePoint solution should enable you to work with data and computers the way we do in 2014. Poor adoption rates and tools not matching up with the needs of specific stakeholders are the results of building something without proper plans. Whether an internal network administrator, or a SharePoint Consultant with not much more than a Microsoft Windows administration background, is tasked, without the critical phases, to develop […]
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