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CIO Review Features - NetSuite: A Machine to Disrupt the Machine
By Eric Casazza, CEO, FMT Consultants  The digital world constantly disrupts the market. Businesses being run by way of disparate information silos and systems try to handle the disruption in a cumbersome, human way. Companies need to be nimble and efficient to anticipate the disruption, scale along with it and drive success. In the movie The Imitation Game, the Allied decoders also faced disruption in the form of coded German radio communications. As soon as the decoders thought they had made progress solving one message, hundreds more German transmissions came through, each with its own novel, machine-generated code. Alan Turing, an English scientist and mathematician hired by the Allies, believed it was impossible for even the brightest human minds in the country to beat a machine. The humans were thinking as individuals. What they needed to win the war was efficiency: unifying all that brain power into one powerful machine: the world’s first computer. Businesses deal with a similar problem. As soon as they think they’ve responded to a […]
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