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Is Investing in New Software Really Worth the Cost?
Software is expensive, right? But, consider what it will cost your company for not having the proper software in place. IT MAY COST YOU LONG-TERM SUCCESS. Great organizations run smoothly and, in this day and age, software is a big piece of the puzzle. Your company’s organizational success, and more importantly its financial success, depends on having effective software solutions in place. BUT, WHO HAS THE MONEY TO SPEND ON NEW SOFTWARE? What Owner, CEO, CFO, COO, etc. has extra money set aside to purchase and implement a “costly” software solution? Every company probably has a list of more important things to fund. But, when taking a step back to evaluate overall productivity, investing in new software may actually belong at the very top of the list. WHEN IS IT THE RIGHT TIME TO INVEST IN NEW SOFTWARE? Frustration is the key indicator. If you and/or your colleagues are frustrated […]
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