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Setting up Budgets in NetSuite
Setting up budgets in NetSuite is simple, and can help provide visibility for financial planning. Budgets offer users the ability to select and define accounts that are needed for their budgets and provide expense and income statements over a set period of time. It’s easy to set up a new budget in NetSuite, or import a budget that you have externally. To create or import budgets, the user will need to have the role permission “Set Up Budgets.” Creating a Budget Creating a budget in NetSuite is simple and can be completed in a two-step process. Step One: Going to the Creation Page To create a budget, simply go to Transactions > Financial > Set Up Budgets. It will bring you to the main budget creation page. Select the year that you are creating the budget for, and the budget category. Defining a budget category gives you the opportunity to […]
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