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Are You Using Contract Billing in Dynamics GP?
Are you familiar with the amazing functionality for Contract Billing that is hidden inside Microsoft Dynamics GP and within the Field Service module? This functionality allows you to easily manage contracts with your customers with the ability to enter multiple lines of detail with item numbers whether it’s inventoried or a service type. One of the many benefits of this module is its capability to quickly generate multiple invoices from multiple contracts as well as perform revenue recognition to move dollars out of Deferred accrual account and into actual Revenue account. As actual transactions are processed, the billing schedules and revenue recognition schedules are updated to show the current status of your contracts. The image below shows the screen in which general contract information is entered. The key fields are the contract start date, number of periods, the billing frequency, and the day of the month to bill. You can also […]
FMT Consultants, a Leading Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, Announces Complimentary Dynamics GP Year-End Close Training in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA in December 2015
The training sessions take place in Los Angeles on December 8th and in San Diego on December 9th and are designed to help Dynamics GP users ensure an efficient and successful year-end close process. Both sessions are eligible for CPE credits. San Diego, CA, November 5th, 2015 - FMT Consultants, a leading Southern California Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and consulting firm, is hosting two upcoming Dynamics GP year-end close training seminars, open and free of charge to all Dynamics GP users. During the training sessions, Dynamics GP experts from FMT Consultants will share best practices related to period-end and year-end processes, and cover closing procedures related to General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Payroll. Interested GP users can register online or by sending an email to The Dynamics GP training sessions will take place on: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015, from 9:00-11:00 AM PST at the Microsoft Office in Los […]
Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Close Training - December 2015
Year-end close is approaching. Are you ready? Join us for one of our complimentary Dynamics GP year-end close training seminars in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA. Our Dynamics GP team will share best practices related to period-end and year-end processes for your Microsoft Dynamics GP system, and show you how to avoid common mistakes to ensure a smooth and efficient year-end close. We will cover General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Payroll. The training is complimentary and open to all Dynamics GP users, and the sessions are eligible for CPE credits. Training material and breakfast will be provided. Sign up now to ensure a successful year-end close: Los Angeles When: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 9:00 - 11:00 AM PST Where: Microsoft Office, Los Angeles 13031 West Jefferson Blvd, Ste 200 Los Angeles, CA 90094 (map it) San Diego When: Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 9:00 - 11:00 AM […]
Changing the Customer on an Invoice without Losing Audit Trail in Microsoft Dynamics GP
A common question that has come up recently is ‘How do I change the customer on an invoice?’ Well, in short, it’s not possible without significant unsupported updates to SQL data which compromises the audit trail that is part of a GAAP compliant accounting system such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. The good news is that there are some tools available in Dynamics GP that can assist you in crediting the original invoice and a new invoice. Below is a step-by- step example of how to handle the following scenario: a sales order is processed for a customer, and an invoice is sent to that customer. the customer subsequently advises that the order should be paid for by a different company. The general steps are: Post the original customer invoice even though it may have the wrong customer listed. Create a return based on the original customer invoice – verify the […]
The Best Way to Easily Update Your Budget in Microsoft Dynamics GP – Step by Step Instructions
Are you tired of spending time every year-end modifying your FRx or Management Reporter reports to report against the new budget? It can be a painful and time consuming process if you have lots of reports. Here is a simple solution to this annual headache: Create a budget called CUR_YR and another one called PRIOR_YR in Dynamics GP. All your standard reports that have budget column(s) will reference Book Code CUR_YR. Create a set of reports indicating they are Prior Year reports and associate column building blocks with PRIOR_YR in the Book Code. You will do this once and never need to change them again or worry that you missed changing a column. When creating your budget for the new fiscal year in Dynamics GP, create it with a code that includes the fiscal year. Make sure to have a set of columns for confirming that your budget is correct. […]
New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
Register now for our Dynamics GP 2015 events in February 2015!  Microsoft recently released Dynamics GP (Great Plains) 2015 - the latest version of its robust Enterprise Resource Planning solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Some of the highlights of the new release include: Expanded workflows to help streamline financial, purchasing, sales, payroll, and project expense related approvals. These new native workflows enable customers to quickly customize their solutions and accelerate business approvals. Single sign on through integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to help users work seamlessly across Microsoft Dynamics GP, Office 365, and other cloud-based applications. Service based architecture to lower the cost and time required for customers and partners to create and modify business solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft recently released Business Analyzer R7, a "companion" tablet application available from the Windows, iOS, and Android app stores. As part of Dynamics GP 2015 release, Microsoft […]
New System-Wide Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
Below you'll find more details on the new system-wide features and product enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Services Based Architecture The Service Based Architecture changes the way you think about integrating or building applications that use GP functionality. Unlike the previous services model that provided a limited set of operations and was challenging to extend or modify the new architecture provides a developer with the ability to access any sanScript based functionality within core or third party dictionaries. Developers can utilize prebuilt operations or create their own using the familiar sanScript language and then expose those operations through a REST based API. The new architecture secures communications for access to operations through the new Identity Management functionality authenticating users with either Windows or O365 (Azure AD) Identities. The operations themselves are included in the GP security model just like forms and reports so you can assign access to tasks […]
New Financial Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
Below you’ll find more details on the new financial features and product enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, one of the improvements to intercompany functionality is the ability to view the intercompany distributions of a journal entry from another company. The Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry window is added, allowing the user to see destination-company entries from the originating company, and originating company entries from a destination company. Having the Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry window eliminates the need for users to switch between companies to view all originating- and destination-company distributions of an intercompany journal entry. All distributions can be viewed from one company. Void Intercompany Transactions In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, users will have the ability to void an intercompany journal entry, including entries posted in destination companies, by voiding the original entry in the originating company. This eliminates the need […]
New Distribution Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
Below you’ll find more details on the new distribution features and product enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Edit E-mail for Historical Documents In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 when you want to send an e-mail for a historical document you can add additional e-mail addresses and choose which e-mail addresses you wish to send to. On Navigation Lists, you can mark a group of historical documents and e-mail them to a different e-mail address. So, if a customer wants a copy of a number of invoices, you can mark them, and e-mail them to the specific address. Edit E-mail Detail is available for Receivables statements, Sales Order transactions, Purchase Orders and Payables remittances. Payables warning when Open PO A new warning message has been added to the Payables Transaction Entry form to prompt the end-user if they attempt to post or save an invoice for a vendor that already has an […]
New HR and Payroll Employee Self-Service Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
Below you’ll find more details on the new HR, payroll and employee self-service features and product enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Project Employee Expense Report and Workflow Project Accounting employees can create expense reports for any projects to which they are assigned. Employees can also be set up to allow delegates to enter expense reports on their behalf. Workflow approvals and task assignments are defined for expense reports; workflow actions are executed on the documents from the Expense Entry window or from the Navigation lists. Employee Profile and Employee Skills and Training The new Employee Profile window in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 allows employees to view and/or update their personal information including Address/Phone Numbers, Emergency Contacts, Dependents, and Position History. This is an extension of the Employee Self Service functionality. Employees maintain their Education and Tests in the Employee Skills and Training window and view their Skills and Training […]
New Business Intelligence (BI) Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
Below you’ll find more details on the new system wide features and product enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: SmartList Designer Excel Refreshable Reports This feature will enable users to create refreshable Excel reports using SmartList Designer. Reports created from SQL views may be published to the Excel report library. By publishing a refreshable report, the user can open the report in Excel and the data will always be up to date. Support for Management Reporter Content in Business Analyzer This features enables users to add Management Reporter content to the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer app. Users may add any Management Reporter report to the app start page that they have permission to. Once added, they may take the action to view the report in the Management Reporter HTML viewer. Business Analyzer Cross Platform This features enables tablet users on Windows, iOS or Android to install and use the Microsoft […]
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