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A Guide to Modifying Third-Party Forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP
When developing integrations for Dynamics GP, there are times when you need to modify a form installed with a third-party add-on. This blog provides step-by-step instructions on how to do so. First, use the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports form in the Setup section of Tools. Ensure that the third-party form is selected. Open the desired form. In this example, I have selected Item Maintenance. Click on Tools > Customize > Modify Current Window. This will open the Window customization application. Click New on the toolbar window. Enter the information below and click OK. In this example we’re modifying a toolbar button. Change the Appearance and the Back Color to match the image below. From the toolbar, drag the okButton to the toolbar of the form window. Then click on File > Microsoft Dynamics GP. Launch Visual Studio and create a new Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in project. In the GPAddIn.cs file, […]
The Best Way to Integrate External Web Forms with NetSuite!
During NetSuite implementations, clients frequently ask me if there is a way to integrate an external Web form (a form stored on the company’s external website). The easiest way to this is to create an ‘Online Customer Form’ in NetSuite and then embed it on an external website via iFrame. While this approach is simple, iFrame is not the most elegant solution. In addition, this approach will require some styling of NetSuite’s Online Customer Form. This can be especially cumbersome if the client already has a nicely styled ‘Contact Us’ form on their company site. In this blog, I will present an alternative to embedding the NetSuite’s Online form via iFrame. I find that this solution is simple and easy to configure and it will allow you to keep your existing ‘Contact Us’ page. Please note that a small tweak to your external ‘Contact Us’ form will allow you to […]
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