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SharePoint and the F.O.S.H. Life – Human Resources (part 1 of 4)
F.O.S.H. Stands for Finance, Operations, Sales and Human Resources and denotes four areas in an organization where SharePoint can have an immediate impact. SharePoint is a tool that can be tailored to any business to enhance communication and automate repetitive business processes within and across departments. One real life example from the “H” in F.O.S.H. is the employee life cycle. SharePoint can be used to streamline all of the Human Resources processes while enhancing communication between HR and other departments - from the moment a position is requested until an employee leaves the company. Open Position When a manager realizes the need to open a position, s/he should consider answering the following questions: Why is this position open? What are the qualifications you are looking for? Who approves the opening? Who will be involved with candidate selection? And who will this position report to? Using SharePoint, the position requisition process […]
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