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E-Signatures with EchoSign and NetSuite
Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier and more efficient way to obtain signatures on contracts or other important documents? Well, your wondering time is over. EchoSign for NetSuite automates your documents approval processes and eliminates the hassle of tedious and paper based approval processes. What is EchoSign: EchoSign is a complete, automated electronic signature and web contracting solution, featuring a smooth and easy document signing experience that allows you to instantly send, e-sign, track and file documents securely online. EchoSign is the only e-Signature system with complete integration to NetSuite, delivering complete web contracting automation in NetSuite. With EchoSign you can easily send contracts or other documents directly from your NetSuite instance. You can view contract history, save contracts that were signed by your clients with the associated NetSuite records: (i.e.: customers, estimates, sales orders and more) and much more. With EchoSign for NetSuite You Can: Send any […]
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