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Happy Fiscal New Year! Sales Tax Changes Are Here Again!
Managing sales tax compliance is no easy feat. The tax rates you need to apply can change radically from one state to the next, and even from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Your products or services may even be taxable for one customer and not for another customer in a different state. Then, you’ve got sales tax holidays, which mean you also have to consider when you’re selling in certain states. As if that’s not complex enough, why not shake things up every now and then as states decide which rates and rules to change? For 46 states, the fiscal new year comes on July 1st each year. That’s also a time when many of them make changes to their sales tax laws. In 2016 – per usual – a long list of new changes has been put in place. For most businesses, it can be hard to find time to research […]
Year-End Closing Instructions for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 and Free Download of Year-End Closing Manual
Closing the year can be quite the headache for a lot of Microsoft Dynamics GP users, and if done incorrectly it can cause serious system issues, data loss and lots of wasted time. FMT Consultants has created the 2014 Year-End Closing Manual for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 to help you get safely through your Dynamics GP year-end close procedures. The training manual consists of 86 pages with thorough instructions, screen shots and checklists. The topics include: Backup of company database SQL maintenance Closing and creating fiscal periods Module closing order Inventory period-end and year-end closing Receivables Management period-end and year-end closing Payables Management period-end and year-end closing Fixed Assets period-end and year-end closing General Ledger period-end year-end closing Payroll period-end and year-end closing The manual is free and be downloaded here. Feel free to contact FMT Consultants should you have questions or need assistance with your Microsoft Dynamics GP […]
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