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Alternative Solutions to the Deprecated Features in SharePoint 2016
Bill Baer from Microsoft disclosed several deprecated features of SharePoint 2016. But have no fear! There are alternatives to still use these features. The following is a list of those deprecated features. 1. SharePoint Foundation 2. Stand-Alone Installation 3. ForeFront Identity Manager Client (FIM) 4. Excel Services in SharePoint 5. Tags and Notes 6. Sharepoint BI capabilities 7. Stsadm.exe 1. SharePoint Foundation SharePoint foundation was included in SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013. It is the free version of SharePoint with almost all of the basic and core functionalities. But it is not available in SharePoint 2016. As an alternative, for users with limited requirements, there is a version of SharePoint Online that provides a limited feature set with a small associated cost. 2. Stand-Alone Installation SharePoint Release 2016 does not support a standalone installation. Therefore, the MinRole approach is introduced in SharePoint 2016. If you are working as a developer, in a […]
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