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5 Time-Saving Tips for Importing Customer Records into NetSuite
During my time as a NetSuite consultant, I have done many customer additions and updates in NetSuite using the CSV (Comma Separated Values) import tool. Along the way I discovered a few things that would have made my imports go a little faster had I known them from the start. In this blog, I’d like to share five time-saving tips to keep in mind when importing customer records into NetSuite.   1. Advanced Partners with Sub-Partners When assigning an Advanced Partner to a customer record, you will need to include both the ID and the name of the Sales Rep exactly as they appear on the record. Example: Below is a screen shot of a Partner named Kristen Johns. She is a sub partner of Mike Smith, and her ID number is 19:1 (if you do not enter the colon you will get an error message). To enter Kristen as a […]
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