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How to Change a Lead’s Contact Name to Company Name in Dynamics CRM 2016
NO CODE OR WORKFLOW NEEDED! Oftentimes Microsoft Dynamics CRM users have the need to see their leads as Companies instead of a Primary Contact Name. Out of the box, Dynamics CRM doesn’t offer the ability to change the view to a company name, however, there is a workaround to achieve the desired capability without needing additional code or workflow. This blog shares the steps to take to view Leads by Company Name instead of Contact Name in Dynamics CRM 2016. The process includes creating two new custom fields, one business rule, and two custom mappings. How to view a Company Name on a Lead Create two custom new fields as First Name and Last Name. Make sure to set these to 50 max characters. Add these new fields to the Lead form. These will replace the existing ones. Spot the out-of-the-box First Name and Last Name fields in the field […]
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