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How to Install and Configure BI Features on SharePoint 2016 and SQL Server 2016
Contents Setting Up Your Demo Infrastructure How to Install and Configure PowerPivot for SharePoint 2016 How to Install and Configure Advanced PowerPivot Features How to Install and Configure SSRS in SharePoint-Integrated Mode How to Install and Configure PerformancePoint Services   The SQL Server 2016 BI stack for SharePoint 2016 adds many important enhancements. With the performance optimizations in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), PowerPivot data models now load faster and client queries now return quicker, resulting in an overall more responsive BI experience. Additionally, enhancements to SharePoint-integrated Reporting Services (SSRS) include improvements with SQL Server 2016, such as new chart types, HTML5 rendering of reports, cross-browser printing, export to Microsoft PowerPoint, and an updated version of Report Builder. Deploying the new BI features to SharePoint 2016 requires careful preparation, as many considerations have changed, due to the new architecture. Excel Services no longer ships with SharePoint 2016, making it a […]
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