Summit16 Day 3: Knowledge is Power

FMT has learned a lot at Summit16 this year, but we’re not done!

We spent Day 3 attending many different educational sessions. In today’s update, we’ll give you a quick overview of what we learned.

Project Service: Lifecycle from Sales to Service Deployment

Microsoft now offers a solution to manage the entire lifecycle of their client-facing services projects within its CRM platform. CRM Project Service extends the Dynamics CRM platform to enable it to function as a single system of engagement for sales, project delivery, resourcing, and billing activities.

Project service capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an end-to-end solution that helps sales and delivery teams engage customers and deliver billable projects on time and within budget. Additionally, Project Service facilitates collaboration on projects across the entire enterprise.

Customer Insights Powered by Dynamics 365 and Cortana Intelligence

Dynamics 365 and Cortana Intelligence bring together all interactions that a customer has with an enterprise and actionable insight from the mixed data. This allows for re-engagement with right customers at the right time, with the right context, in a channel fashion.

Leveraging the big data, analytics and machine learning related services are provided with the Cortana Intelligence Suite on top of the Azure platform. All these new advanced customer analytics capabilities can be leveraged within the context of marketing, sales, service and social engagement processes powered by Dynamics 365.

Business Rules

97% of consumers across the globe say customer service plays a key role in their choice of, and loyalty to, a brand. Dynamics 365’s new functionality and roadmap for customer service will help every business achieve a better customer service experience.

The process, time, and energy required to set field values, hide or show fields, or even display an error message no doubt is an undertaking. However, with the new Dynamics 365 use of Business Rules in CRM, you can now build your own Business Rules success right out of the box.

Key Components of a Successful Implementation

Successful implementation of CRM requires a solid organizational foundation and careful planning, among other things. During this session, we enjoyed first-hand learning from a failed implementation. We discovered how the organization was able to identify root causes, correct course, and ultimately realize success.

Everyone in attendance heard the key components to successfully implementing CRM starting with laying the foundation, development, executive buy-in, rollout planning, and change management. This was a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others while gaining a clear understanding of the elements making up a successful Dynamics implementation plan.

There’s Only One More Day of Summit16!

Summit16 is almost over and there’s only one more update to go! We’ve had a great time here in Tampa. If you missed our Day 1 or Day 2 updates, be sure to check those out!

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