• Manufacturer of eyewear, goggles and accessories for the action sports market
  • Distributed to over 5,000 retail stores across U.S. and to Europe and Australia
  • Sponsors world-class athletes in snow, ski, surf, motocross, motor racing, wake and cycling
  • Microsoft Office Suite needed user licenses renewed
  • On-premises server hardware outdated
  • Exchange server software outdated
  • End users running different versions of Microsoft Office on local machines
  • Upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 E3
  • Do away entirely with on-premises servers
  • Host email in the cloud
  • Smooth cut over migration makes for a seamless transition
  • Spy Optic sees ROI within months of implementation
  • No end-user training needed
  • Everything upgraded and maintained in the cloud
  • All employees automatically on the most current Microsoft Office Suite
  • Elimination of server hardware maintenances and reduction of IT costs
  • Increased productivity
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Spy Optic Reaches the Cloud with Microsoft Office 365

Spy Optic, based in Carlsbad, CA, is a successful youth-culture lifestyle brand, manufacturing premium sunglasses, goggles, prescription frames and accessories for the action sports market. Spy Optic distributes to over 5,000 U S retail stores and to Europe and Australia. Focusing heavily on surf, snow, car racing, motocross, cycling and wake boarding, Spy Optic sponsors world-renowned athletes such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., John John Florence, Louie Vito and Jeremy McGrath.

“The most amazing part was FMT’s process. They gave us a layout of the project and things happened extremely fast.”

– MIGUEL LOZANO, IT Director, Spy Optic


A culture of disruption permeates Spy Optic, a brand known for being bold and edgy. When its Microsoft Office software Suite and Exchange servers needed updating, Miguel Lozano, IT Director for Spy Optic, envisioned an opportunity for a big change. He asked FMT Consultants to help out, once again.

Spy and FMT had collaborated before, on two separate occasions. FMT worked with Spy to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP and again for Dynamics CRM, overhauling and streamlining its financial and sales processes with great success.

For this third time around, FMT Consultants and Lozano weighed out the cost of updating each Microsoft Office Suite user, the server hardware and the Exchange software against upgrading to Microsoft Office 365, purchasing user subscriptions and doing away entirely with on-premises storage.

“The project was very well organized— clearly they’ve done this kind of implementation many times before. I would not hesitate recommending FMT to other businesses!”

– MIGUEL LOZANO, IT Director, Spy Optic


After a thorough analysis, the choice was obvious: it was far more cost effective to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365. FMT met with Spy to go over the IT environment, crafting a plan based upon which aspects of Office 365 the company needed to leverage. FMT came back to Spy with the key objectives:

• Leverage Outlook, Skype, SharePoint, OneDrive and the Office Suite
• Get emails into the cloud
• Upgrade end us ers on local machines to the latest version of Microsoft Office

As Lozano states, “The most amazing part was FMT’s process. They gave us a lay out of the project and things happened extremely fast.”


Migrating data can be done the slow way, taking a conservative approach and upgrading each user one-by-one (incremental migration), or the fast way, getting all of the data into the cloud and cutting the organization over to a new system at once (cut over migration).

One Friday, Spy Optic left the building for the weekend and the FMT team moved in. Using a third party, web-based tool as a bridge, FMT connected Spy’s local servers to the Office 365 cloud. The transition was flawless.

The Spy crew came back into the building the following Monday morning to a brand new, upgraded system, hosted in the cloud. As Lozano recounts, “On Monday everybody showed up to work and they had no clue that everything had changed behind the scenes.”


After the move to Office 365, Spy Optic has saved significantly on its IT costs. As Lozano says, “The ROI was a no-brainer; it has only taken months, not even years, to recoup what we were spending on our servers alone.”

FMT trained Spy’s IT staff on the day-to-day administrative tasks. Since Office 365 comes with the Microsoft Office Suite already familiar to all employees, Spy didn’t have to spend time and resources on end user training. And with Office 365, the company benefits from having all its users running the same, most current version of the Office Suite.

Good things do happen in threes, as evidenced by a third successful collaboration between FMT and Spy Optic. As Lozano states, “The project was very well organized— clearly they’ve done this kind of implementation many times before. I would not hesitate recommending FMT to other businesses!”


  • Client satisfaction focused with over 1,000 successful project implementations since 1995
  • A dedicated team of 50+ in-house IT experts located in Southern California
  • Experience in a wide array of industries including highly regulated sectors such as life sciences, healthcare and public administration
  • In-house customer care desk to provide ongoing support and user training
  • Extensive experience with system integration and custom development
  • Certified provider of Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft ∙ Dynamics CRM

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