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Business Process Integration: Your Key to Performance

Your business systems hold, route and recall the intellectual currency of your organization. Whether in ERP, CRM, or Business Intelligence (BI) repositories, good data enables good information. Good information helps you make good business decisions.

Connect the information between your data-rich applications into a common and integrated business process. You’ll gain a greater visibility into your operations, accelerate workflows, and increase both the velocity and value of your efforts—through business process automation.

Good Planning + Smart Technology

At FMT Consultants, we have deep experience in both cloud-based and on-premise application implementation, data integration, and business process automation. Together with our clients, we regularly deliver robust, flexible, and high-performing business solutions that share immediately useful information and deliver sustained value. Integration isn’t automatic. It’s the result of good planning and smart technology.

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We can help you transform your systems and data—whether they’re in the cloud or on-premise

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  • eCommerce

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Data integration matters. A lack of integration creates potential for error with manual data entry chores, latency, and incomplete transactions. And, using custom point-to-point in-house integrations yields brittle architectures that are difficult to maintain, scale and troubleshoot.

In this free assessment, our team of experts will come onsite and talk through your specific business vision and limitations in your current business processes that may be keeping you from hitting your goals. You’ll receive a detailed follow up report including industry best practices and proposed system integrations that can help you streamline and accelerate your operations. Claim your free assessment today!

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With intelligent integration solutions, you'll experience:

    • Reliable and complete business information delivered as you need it.
    • Business process optimization, workflows, and data synchronization.
    • Scalability to grow as your business needs to grow
    • Improved reporting, analytics and business insights
    • Increased data accuracy by reducing manual entry
    • Lower costs associated with IT and labor workarounds
    • Enhanced productivity with streamlined processes and workflows
    • 360 degree view of your relationship at every customer touch point

Purposeful and Informed Data Integration

Bring disparate systems into a common and integrated business process through thoughtful, purposeful and informed data integration. Our experts will help connect your critical systems in a way that preserves security, balances access with network performance, and delivers information to the people who need it—when they need it.

Our System Integration Services include:

  • Assessment and documentation of business requirements and KPIs
  • Documentation of data requirements
  • Integration architecture design
  • Integration tool(s) selection
  • System integration implementation
  • Custom integration development (as necessary)
  • Report development supporting integration
  • End to end system integration testing
  • Performance and operational testing
  • Operational support
  • Ongoing partnership in IT strategy and planning

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The less time and resource it requires to run your business systems, the more time you can spend running your business. 


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