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Due Diligence, Integration, Acquisition, IT services, Acquisition Services

Protect your investment, and ensure smooth integration.


Effectively mitigate risk. Negotiate the purchase price of your acquisition. It’s easy with our help.

Assessing the IT infrastructure of a prospective acquisition is incredibly important. If you acquire a company with outdated and inefficient technology systems, licensing compliance issues, or talent shortfalls, your choice can undermine your ROI.

Our IT Due Diligence Services bring clarity to the costs and risks of your acquisition. We help you pinpoint the initiatives and investments necessary for up-to-date, efficient IT infrastructure—and help you create a scalable platform for growth.

Due Diligence, Integration, Acquisition, IT services, Acquisition Services

With smart strategies and wise planning, you can integrate seamlessly.

Integrating cultures, leadership, people, processes, and systems during an acquisition can be challenging. Many organizations throw themselves into acquisitions without proper integration strategies and plans. As a result, they suffer from disorganization, reduced sales, low productivity and morale, high employee turnover, and increased operational costs—all leading to disastrous outcomes.

Our experts leverage experience from numerous successful acquisition integration projects (ranging from $5M–$300M in revenue) and our proprietary methodology. We provide you with a disciplined integration approach that ensures a timely, well-coordinated acquisition.

Phase 1: Due Diligence Services

    • Creation of IT due diligence request list
    • Onsite analysis includes:
      • Infrastructure review of servers, data center, telephony, network bandwidth, licensing, and full-network analysis of all endpoints and machines
      • Interviews with IT department leaders and team members
      • Business applications review
      • Key risks analysis
      • Website review
    • Deliverables include:
      • IT team analysis
      • Presentation of findings
      • Integration options and concerns
      • Comprehensive report of all findings
      • Cost analysis to bring IT platforms up to date

A Sample of FMT’s IT Due Diligence Experience

Private Equity Acquisition of a mid-market Medical Supply Company

Strategic Buyer Acquisition of a mid-market Healthcare Staffing Company

Private Equity Acquisition of a mid-market Insulation Manufacturer

Private Equity Acquisition of a mid-market Oil Drilling Company

Phase 2: Acquisition Integration Services

    • Long-term vision development
    • Budget planning and monitoring
    • Change management and communications
    • Business process mapping and integration recommendations
    • Integration Management Office (IMO) formulation and methodology
    • Collaboration portal for teams to share documents
    • Program, project team, and project management
    • Individual project management

A Sample of FMT’s IT Acquisition Integration Experience

Acquired entity revenue ranging from $30M–$100M

Acquisition integration of nurse staffing organization

Acquisition integration of physician staffing organization

Integration strategy for medical supply organization

Acquisition integration of IT staffing organization

Divestiture of allied staffing organization

Due Diligence, Integration, Acquisition, IT services, Acquisition Services, Due Diligence Pricing,

Pricing & Duration

Our IT Due Diligence & Acquisition Services fee depends on the complexity, scope, and company size. For acquired entities under $100M in revenue, our fee is typically $9,000. Once we’ve completed Phase 1 (Due Diligence), most acquisition integration projects run for six months. Based on individual client needs, as well as internal team capability, the time spent—and price—vary.

  • Client Testimonial

    “The team at FMT added a lot of value by helping us successfully complete the integration of three simultaneous business transactions. They brought structure, a flexible methodology, and a passion to help us succeed and see the opportunities. We kept to our dates and executed a great deal of business process and system change with virtually no business disruption. ”

    -Michael Payne, SVP Shared Services & CIO