NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP)
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From bid to bill, work smarter with NetSuite SRP.

NetSuite SRP (service resource planning) is a NetSuite Financials/ERP module that helps you speed up projects, gain greater visibility, and manage your business throughout the services lifecycle. On-the-go capabilities empower your team wherever they are.

When you choose to work with FMT, you gain our 20+ years of experience, as well as our NetSuite expertise. We come alongside your business to solve your challenges and support your ongoing success.

Advantages of NetSuite CRM+

  • Increase performance

    with smart sales force automation (SFA).

  • Handle leads better

    with the help of marketing automation.

  • Grow more with PRM

    that boosts revenue and opens up new opportunities.

  • Empower your teams

    with on-the-go CRM+ access, as well as integration with social and productivity tools.

  • Understand customers

    when you see a complete picture via CRM analytics and reporting.

  • Improve your quote & order management

    with CRM+'s integrated processes.

NetSuite services resource planning, netsuite SRP, netsuite srp support, implementation, netsuite project management, Accounting Software, Accounting, ERP

Graduate from basic accounting software.

With the help of NetSuite Financials, your financial and ERP management harmonizes with sales, project delivery, and your other back-office processes.

Contract renewals, quote-to-order-to-cash processes, bid-to-bill—and recurring billing—management? They’re integrated too. You can even enjoy automated contract renewals, billing, time- and project-based billing, and more.

You see into your operations more clearly, so you can make pivotal decisions with confidence. Enjoy the accelerated cash flow, boosted sales, and extra time that NetSuite Financials can provide.

Outshine traditional PSA with NetSuite SRP.

  • Customizable dashboards

    mean decision-making is easier and faster.

  • Simplified timesheet management

    is integrated with your billing and projects.

  • Better forecasting

    and resource management is yours, thanks to data insights and keener visibility.

  • A robust billing rules engine

    tackles even the most complicated client billing.

Running an international business? Join NetSuite SRP with OneWorld.


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