NetSuite OneWorld
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Migrate to the cloud, and better your global business.


Take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

As the world’s #1 cloud-based ERP solution for global business management, OneWorld can take your company to the next level. Add OneWorld to NetSuite to manage multiple subsidiaries (legal entities) and get international tax support.
You gain a powerful, integrated add-on that efficiently manages all your global business processes, and FMT helps implement your solution. We offer 20+ years of experience, our dedicated staff, and commitment to your success.

Which benefits will improve your world?

  • Real-time visibility

    from corporate to subsidiary.

  • Built-in multi-currency,

    multi-tax, and multinational capabilities.

  • Instant consolidation,

    both operational and financial.

  • Easily customizable

    to meet the needs and challenges of each subsidiary.

  • Accelerated, cost-effective implementation

    for every business unit.

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Learn About OneWorld

  • Global ERP

    From local to global, from financial to back-office operations—seamlessly manage it all with multi-currency and real-time financial consolidation. Even ensure consistency and compliance for your whole organization.

  • Global CRM

    Gain visibility into multinational sales, marketing, and customer care activities, including quotas, forecasts, and campaigns. Reach all your customers with built-in multi-currency and multilingual support

  • Global Ecommerce

    Manage all your international web stores in one place. Align your online shopping experiences with multi-currency, multi-language, multi-county, and multi-brand capabilities.

  • Global Services Resource Planning (SRP)

    Streamline your business with comprehensive, real-time visibility into all project levels. Optimize your global resources, better your financials, and increase your services management functionality.

  • Global Business Intelligence (BI)

    Get real-time reporting and KPI dashboards on corporate and subsidiary levels. Make data-driven decisions faster with organization-wide data and forecasts.

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