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Prophix: Simplify your management and planning.

One CPM platform that has everything you need.

With Prophix Corporate Performance Management (CPM), your financial and operational reporting becomes smooth and uncluttered. Thanks to Prophix’s easy Microsoft product integration, your database stays centralized, so you have a single source of truth.

Prophix equips you with reporting, budgeting, and business-planning tools. You get the visibility and insights you need.

Worry-Free Microsoft Integration

Since Prophix is built on the Microsoft SQL platform, you can be confident it’ll seamlessly integrate with all Microsoft software.

You get total SharePoint support, so you can collaborate better.

  • Automate,

    consolidate, and view financials from your ERP, Excel, etc. anytime.

  • Create

    budget models, and gain control and visibility throughout the process. Protect your data’s integrity with reliable budget consolidation.

  • Forecast

    across departments with data from many sources and dynamic cash flow reports. See true costs and revenue, and standardize forecast calculations.

  • Customize

    and standardize reports with ease. Open up information to specific users so they can run necessary reports—and securely see ones you share with them. Meet compliance standards, including GAAP and IFRS.

  • Access

    your reports on any browser, device, or OS. Analyze live data while you’re working remotely—or even hosting a customer visit.

prophix cpm, prophix corporate performance management, prophix partner, prophix business intelligence, CPM, BI, reporting, analytics

What deployment option meets your needs?

With flexible on-premises, private cloud, or public cloud deployment, Prophix CPM can match your requirements. Prophix CPM’s open architecture means deployment won’t disrupt your existing systems.

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Why Choose FMT as your Prophix partner?

Our knowledge and experience comes from over 20 years in the industry. Using our GP expertise, we created a complete, unique, and efficient GP integration method for Prophix. With Prophix from FMT, you can seamlessly move your GP data to and from Prophix—and not use spreadsheets as a middleman.

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