3 Applications That Boost Business Productivity and Collaboration

Efficient collaboration and communication are key components in the success of every business. If your company is still sending attachments back and forth, reserving the conference room to review and update documents, or married to email, you could be missing out on new business.

This blog post reviews 3 cloud-based software applications that integrate people and processes to help maximize productivity.


Mobile computing continues to evolve and redefine the way we work and live. It is now standard practice for businesses to have remote employees, customers, and partners.

Skype helps connect people near and far through audio, video, and web conferencing. It also helps increase productivity by offering the ability to send instant messages instead of playing email tag for issues that could be resolved quickly.

Skype integrates with SharePoint and Office Online, so you can collaborate, work on documents together, and get things done faster.


If there is a single system that influences collaboration the most, it’s SharePoint. SharePoint is an online collaboration and document management platform used to store, track, and manage electronic documents and assets.

SharePoint also provides integrated version tracking for each document and live editing within the application to help ease the stress of updating documents and tracking down the latest version.

This collaboration tool connects your whole organization through a central site for document management while providing an outlet for employees to network socially and professionally.

Office Online

It still amazes me that we can now co-author documents while communicating with each other in real-time.

Office Online provides all the important things you need to review and edit documents on the go. This application provides access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook through a web browser that can be accessed from any device. Multiple authors can view and edit a document together, in real-time, while instant messaging over Skype, without ever needing to leave the document.

Since the applications are accessible online, Employees are no longer chained to their desks while working on projects, but instead, can easily update documents in the office, on the road, and at home.

Office Online is a convenient and productive addition to the Office Suite we are already familiar with.

Don’t miss out on new business

When people, systems, and processes are not connected and working together, it’s hard to focus on new business opportunities.

The tools in Office 365 like Skype, SharePoint, and Office Online, make it easier to create, share, and work together, wherever your team is. Investing in collaboration and communication will help your business become more effective, competitive, and successful.

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