You down with SOP? Yeah you know me!

Are you a Dynamics GP user feeling the constraints of the GP SOP interface? Do you crave more flexibility within the system? Would you like to pay less than the full core GP user? Many of our client have expressed the same.

In this blog, I will introduce SalesPad as a preferred Dynamics GP add-in, review who the ideal candidate is and discuss the benefits of their software.

Who is SalesPad?

Founded in 2003, SalesPad is not your average technology vendor. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, SalesPad has created a state-of-the-art “skin” that enhances the operational modules within Dynamics GP that helps recognize opportunities for greater profitability.

Who is the ideal SalesPad Desktop candidate?

A company that SELLS stuff. It’s that simple.

If you are in the distribution and manufacturing industry SalesPad Desktop can be there for you as your operational ERP. Leave Dynamics GP for the accountants. SalesPad will streamline the front-end sales order entry, improve visibility to your inventory lifecycle, and overall customer service experience.

One key benefit working with SalesPad is their strategic partnerships with existing GP ISVs to enhance their platform.

  • Avalara – worry less about sales tax, with AvaTax your tax requirements are covered.
  • Nodus Technologies – Payfabric allows secure credit card processing.
  • SPS Commerce – connect with hundreds of companies using this EDI platform.

What are the benefits of SalesPad?

  • SalesPad Desktop user licenses are a fraction of the cost compared to a Dynamics GP Full User.
  • Removes your operational employees out of the accounting system.
  • SalesPad Desktop sits on top of GP and has a real time integration.
  • Reduce order entry time, especially complex pricing models.
  • One-step screen to place order instead of multiple windows within GP.
  • Quick access to customer history, order tracking, and special discount capabilities.
  • Key components of the software allow seamless workflow for the end-to-end distribution.
  • Mobile capabilities for employees on the go.

In today’s ever-changing market conditions, we all understand the key to growing your organization is perfecting your customer’s buying experience. If you’re looking for ways to simplify and speed up the order entry process, provide your customer service reps with access to customer information, increase revenues and decrease the sales cycle, perhaps you should give FMT a call or fill out the contact form below to learn more about how SalesPad can make a positive impact for you.

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