Salesforce Releases New Manufacturing Cloud

For manufacturers, with all the moving parts of the business it's crucial to have visibility across the organization.  This isn’t always easy.  With all the software solutions used to run the business today, it’s even harder.  But Salesforce has not only heard the need, they’re addressing it.


In the last month, has enhanced it’s functionality and focus for Manufacturing Customers.  They’re calling it, wait for it, Manufacturing Cloud. 


And we’re pretty excited about it!


With 20+ years of manufacturing experience implementing and optimizing ERP’s and CRM’s, like, we understand the pains manufacturers work through on a daily basis. 


Manufacturing Cloud will make it easier than ever to cure those pains and bring key functions of the business together to accelerate business and profitability.


Why Manufacturing Cloud?


Some key functions within Manufacturing Cloud from are:


  • Sales Agreements/Forecasting
  • Contract Management
  • Price Management
  • Project Management
  • Orders & Actuals/Renewals (ERP)


While Sales Cloud primarily focuses on Opportunities for new business, many manufacturers depend on 90% of their business that is run rate business on existing customers.  Now with Sales Agreements, Orders, and Account Based Forecasting you will have a 360 degree view of your customer.


Imagine what your world could look like if you had:


  • Aligned Sales & Operations Teams - Manage Sales Agreement Lifecycle, Capture Sales Agreement Metrix, Track Account Performance
  • Account Based Forecasting - Planned Metrix vs Actuals, Unified Sales Forecast (opportunities and orders) 
  • Management of Channel Partners via Communities - Allows for Forecast Collaboration with channel partners.  Extend 360 degree view of Customer to Partners.


Your profitability, visibility and sales velocity could improve faster than the competitions, right?


And these are just a few of the reasons we’re so excited about Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud release.  Not only is it in our wheel house of expertise, but more importantly it will help you do what you do, better and more effectively.


…more importantly it will help you do what you do, better and more effectively.


So if you’re a manufacturer that works primarily with long term customer contracts, as well as new business opportunities want a better way to manage your forecast, work through Channels Partners, and are tired of having to jump from system to system for key information, Manufacturing Cloud might be exactly what you are looking for.


What’s Next?


If you’d like to learn more about Manufacturing Cloud, check out the video below.  It’s a short and sweet 2 minute introduction to some of the key benefits the cloud will deliver.  And if you’d like to learn more about how FMT can help you activate Manufacturing Cloud, or how it can solve your unique challenges, send us a note and we’ll schedule a time to connect.




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