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  • Go Beyond the Basics with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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    What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Applications Features

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    Packaging of Functionality & Product Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2


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    Dynamics GP 2015 Period-End & Year-End Closing Manual

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    Dynamics GP 2017 Period-End & Year-End Closing Manual

  • GP YE Manual Cover 2018

    Dynamics GP 2018 Period-End & Year-End Closing Manual


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  • Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Resources, 7 Game Changing Trends

    7 Game Changing Trends: Online Accounting Software

  • As 2018 progresses, we’re bound to see many more changes take effect in sales tax compliance.

    2018 Sales Tax Changes

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    Microsoft Dynamics for Outgrowing QuickBooks Guide

  • Grow Your Business with Confidence-Business Central vs QuickBooks

    Grow Your Business with Confidence - A Guide for Businesses Outgrowing Basic Accounting Software



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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Licensing Guide



  • Modernize Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Closing Procedures

  • Bring Your Dynamics GP Data to Life with Power BI

  • Close the books correctly with our 2017 year-end close guide

  • Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP


  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP-Bank-Transfer-Node
    Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Dynamics GP Bank Transfer Node for SmartConnect using Multi-Entity Management

    Why should you care about a Bank Transfer Node for SmartConnect? If you ever run into the need to create a map in SmartConnect for Bank Transfers you will notice there isn’t a node available for that. You can create your stored procedure and register the Bank Transfer Node. In this blog, we will go…

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  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Bill of Materials Mass Updates

    Everyone strives to be more productive by creating more efficient processes within our confines. Microsoft Dynamics GP has many tools that can help us achieve that goal. The tool that we will be overviewing in this blog is the Bill of Materials Mass Update feature in Microsoft Great Plains (MSGP). We will start by simulating the…

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  3. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Enhancing Dynamics GP With VBA Customization

    There are times in Dynamics GP where you want to change the behavior of a form and VBA customization (Visual Basic for Applications) can be a great tool to use! For instance, changing the site ID and requested ship date in a sales order header doesn’t revise sales line items that are already in the…

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  4. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    How to resolve eConnect API Timeout Errors

    When creating an integration to Dynamics GP, you might encounter errors returned at some point in the process such as eConnect API Timeout Errors. Finding a solution can be overwhelming and time-consuming. So in this blog post, we will go over how we resolved them. Recently there was a requirement from one of our client…

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  5. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    EFT Payables Batch is Empty? The Possible Culprit – Vendor Setup in Dynamics GP

    Generating EFT Payments from within Dynamics GP is a quick and easy process. However, if not configured correctly, your EFT batch may be empty and you may be left shaking your head trying to figure out why. The Vendor card may be the reason your EFT batch is empty if your Checkbook in Dynamics GP is…

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