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  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Completing the Sales Cycle with Project Delivery & Management in CRM

    Do you deliver a complex product or service utilizing several team members or simply want to execute internal projects? If so, the right software solution can help improve the management and delivery of your projects. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a complete end to end solution with Project Service. From project creation and team allocation to deliverable…

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  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Contact Center Productivity Opportunities with Unified Service Desk 2.0 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Contact Centers are a goldmine of opportunities to increase productivity, and Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect productivity tool to mine those opportunities. This blog will outline three common productivity gains contact centers can glean from using Unified Service Desk. 1. Increase Agent Productivity Automating processes with USD can drive…

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  3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Dynamics CRM 2016 Could Mean the End of Survey Monkey

    We all know Survey Monkey is a great and simple survey tool. However, we are also aware that it requires third party tools, hours of headaches and unnecessary confusion to integrate all that rich data we’ve collected into our CRM solution. Well, if you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 you can say goodbye to Survey…

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  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Microsoft Boosts Mobility in Dynamics CRM 2016 SP1

    Microsoft continues to improve their products to align with the company’s mobile first, cloud first mantra. Believing that working on the go is a key pillar for business productivity, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 update 1 and SP1 dedicated a special effort to enhancing the mobility experience. The key features in the latest release of CRM…

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  5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    How to Change a Lead’s Contact Name to Company Name in Dynamics CRM 2016

    NO CODE OR WORKFLOW NEEDED! Oftentimes Microsoft Dynamics CRM users have the need to see their leads as Companies instead of a Primary Contact Name. Out of the box, Dynamics CRM doesn’t offer the ability to change the view to a company name, however, there is a workaround to achieve the desired capability without needing…

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