Put That Pen Down! 3 Ways to Save a Tree and Save Some Time

It all begins with an email, phone call or physical meeting.  You scramble, trying to make sure you write down every single detail, but let’s face it!  We can’t possibly write as fast as people talk.

I used to think of myself as more of an “old-school” type when it came to notetaking, document management, calendaring, and especially to-do lists.  I had a notebook for essentially everything.   In recent years, I have learned how to ditch the pen and paper and become better acquainted with Microsoft and friends. Here are three ways to save a tree and some time.


Creating the Opportunity in CRM

  • Setting Tasks
    • Setting tasks ensures there is always a future action item to follow through the sales process.
  • Set Reminders
    • Setting reminders allows you to complete follow-ups, document revisions, and deadlines.
  • Calendar Invites/ Appointments
    • Creating these are helpful in that they synchronize to your phone and in CRM as well.

Then all of a sudden… The never-ending spiral notebook turns into OneNote.  Create a new tab for a new client, or break it down however you would like.


Integrations with Outlook/OneNote:


  • Extreme Visibility
    • Access to all of your notes from more than one device.
  • Cohesive data base
    • Ability to share your notebook with whomever you choose.
  • Save some trees!
    • No longer a need for a physical planner, erasers and can even structure them as you wish.


SharePoint Integration:


  • Quick fixes to uploaded documents
  • Version history (no need to create 10 versions and lose track)
  • Full Company Intranet comprised of document management, security monitoring and department allocation

Seeing the potential and taking advantage of these tools does not need to be challenging.  Reach out to us here at FMT or feel free to take advantage of our ongoing webinar sessions that not only pertain to optimizing your time in every day your workweek, but also learning to implement best practices in all areas of your company. 

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