Professional Services Tools Library – Now Free from Microsoft

During Convergence this year, it was announced that Microsoft’s Professional Services Tools Library – a $5,000 value – would now be made available free to customers through their Partner, which is great news for users.

Many of the tools in the suite are modify/combine products: modifier/combiners exist for GL accounts, Checkbook, Fiscal Period, Customer, Salesperson, Territory, Vendor, Inventory Site, Item Description, Item Number, Employee, and Fixed Asset ID. These tools also include an import function, which means large amounts of modifications or combinations can be laid out in a spreadsheet and pulled into Dynamics GP.

Several other highly-demanded functions are also available in the suite. RM Transaction Unapply, for example, does exactly what it says: unapplies historical Receivables and puts them back in the open table to be reapplied as desired. Doc Date Verify – which is little known though it has been free for some time – makes sure document dates fall in open periods at the time it is entered, instead of at posting, which is a little late to find out you’ve got a time-traveling invoice from 2212!

There have been a number of additional free utilities available from Microsoft for Dynamics GP for some time; however, until now we have had to request them via a support ticket to get the installers. These tools include AutoDim, which allows you to automatically run Integration Manager integrations, an RM Auto Apply tool that allows you to mass-apply RM credits to RM debits, and several tools for re-organizing SOP and POP line items.

The only real restriction on the tools is that you must be on GP 10 SP3 or GP 2010 SP2.
Please contact us at for a full list of the tools available and more information on installation and setup.

Written by:
Lyn Warren
Customer Care Manager

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