Preview of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013With the next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, you get a comprehensive, customizable business management solution that provides scalable financial and operational functionality.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 you can:

  • Transform the way your people work by putting timely information and easy-to-use tools in their hands when they need them, no matter their location.
  • Connect the people inside and outside your organization and give them insight and context to drive better decisions and boost productivity.
  • Streamline systems, so that your IT team can think about ways to support growth instead of maintaining software.
  • Improve your margins and enhance the bottom line, generating cash to fund growth.

What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

Web Access
Provide all of your employees easy access to Microsoft Dynamics GP with the new web client , so they can connect and contribute wherever they are, from their PC or mobile device.

Web Access - Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Work more efficiently with web access in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and convenient window preview capabilities.

Business Analyzer
Equipped with the Business Analyzer dashboard that is now easily accessible over the web, you and your team will be able to quickly track key performance indicators, anticipate opportunities, delegate tasks, or take informed action. The Business Analyzer delivers role-specific insight across your business, so each member of your team can drill down to relevant details, collaborate with others, and take quick action right from their Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 home page.

Business Analyzer Dashboard - Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

 Get access to information you need in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Business Analyzer.

Business Intelligence
Broaden the reach of your business intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 offers both full-service and self-service users a more complete look at the business, with even more out-of-the-box Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Excel reports.

Word Templates
Create professional-looking documents like invoices, purchase orders, statements, and more with the Word form templates in Microsoft Dynamics GP using Microsoft Word capabilities. Now, any report can be created using Word templates, eliminating the dependency on Report Writer.

Document Attach
Connect relevant context to each transaction. Use the Document Attach capability in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to append informative details, pictures, notes, or contracts directly to a transaction or line item, giving your employees, customers, and suppliers the information they need, right where they need it.

Sub-Ledger Reconciliation
Balance ledgers with ease. The sub-ledger reconciliation tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 automatically identifies discrepancies between your general ledger and sub-ledgers, eliminating time-intensive, manual inventory and bank reconciliation processes.

Sub-Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Balance ledgers easier with the new sub ledger reconciliation tool.

Expedited Shipping
Shorten shipping times so your products reach customers faster. Drop-ship serialized items directly from your suppliers to customers.

Asset Tracking
Track your assets in the way that works for you. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 lets you track and report fixed assets based on your fiscal or calendar year, eliminating one more hassle from the process of creating financial statements and tax filings.

Improved Purchasing
Boost purchasing productivity and accuracy. Set specific percentage tolerances that simplify your purchasing process, allowing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to enter quantity overages and automatically close purchase orders left open due to quantity shortages.

Improved Purchasing with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Simplify and improve the purchasing process with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Fixed Asset Historical Depreciation Report
Assess your assets accurately. With the new Fixed Assets Historical Depreciation Report, you get visibility into historical fixed asset depreciation values, simplifying month-end and year-end closing routines.

Inventory Efficiency
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 gives you a sharper view into your inventory by assigning unique reasons codes that allow you to monitor and track items as they move through your supply chain.

Connected Business
With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Office, you can align your enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and productivity solutions on a single, powerful platform to drive deep integration and connections across your business.

Strategic IT
Make your information technology more strategic. Centralize maintenance, security, and administration on your server in a multitenant environment, eliminating individual desktop updates and the need to maintain Terminal Services deployments. Free up your IT team to execute projects that create strategic value for your business.

Application Service Console
Achieve flexibility with security. The new application service console allows your IT team to extend web access to all Microsoft Dynamics GP users without sacrificing security and control by managing active sessions, terminating inactive sessions, and controlling product configuration by user.

Customization and the Cloud
With the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 web client, you can easily maintain your system customizations and third-party-developed system enhancements. This helps you to sustain your business momentum if you choose to move some or all of your processes to the cloud in the future.

Transitioning on Your Terms 
You can choose an on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid deployment for any combination of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or Microsoft Office to give your business the nimble infrastructure you need to adapt quickly and control your IT costs.

Fact Sheet: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Preview

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