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Wayfair, in partnership with FMT Consultants, is excited to offer you a no charge, one-hour consultation to evaluate your current business technology & applications. Upon completion, FMT will send you a two-page report outlining your business’ technical readiness for growth and the practical steps you can take to improve your performance with Wayfair.

About FMT: FMT Consultants has been advising manufacturing and wholesale distribution clients for 27 years on how to drive supply chain performance. To date, FMT has successfully partnered with Wayfair to consult with over 185 Suppliers on how to make smart, practical, and effective technology decisions.

About the Assessment: FMT will guide you through a discussion on your current business processes and technologies. Once completed, FMT consultants will evaluate the responses against the business’ desired state, and recommend a prioritized approach to getting more value from both new and current systems and resources.

• 2 Page Findings & Recommendations Report
• Follow Up Session w/ FMT Engagement Manager

Schedule a Time to Talk: In order to efficiently schedule your no-charge assessment, please click here to register your interest.
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