Why Power BI is quickly becoming the leading platforms for data analysis

It’s always fun helping clients gain better insight into their business? During most account meetings, the conversation eventually includes this: “Our reporting is bad, I wish I could somehow have access to the right data to make better business decisions.” Although many tools can produce this desired outcome, Microsoft’s Power BI platform is quickly becoming the solution of choice.

Here is a quick summary of why decision makers and executives are relying on data from Power BI.

Top reasons:

Cost: According to Gartner Group, Power BI is one of the lowest priced solutions on the market today and roughly 80% lower than other cloud products. You can start with the Power BI FREE Desktop, BI Pro $9.99 per user per month, or Power BI Premium (capacity pricing option based on per node per month). Many companies already own Power BI licenses as part of their Office 365 suite.

Connectors: Here is where it gets fun. You can connect to just about any data source. Microsoft has over 70 + connectors, pre-built dashboards, and report packs for platforms like SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, QuickBooks, and Marketo to name just a few (more data sources are added monthly). Regardless of where the data resides, you can connect to hundreds of data sources.

Ease of Use: With minimal training, business users across all company departments can access data on their own without having to get IT Staff or a business analyst. Imagine empowering employees to generate their own data to make a solid business decision.

Dashboards with interactive drill-down functionality: Power BI users can compile data from multiple sources (eg. Dynamics CRM, Zendesk, MailChimp) and see everything in one view with the ability to drill into the data for deeper analysis.

Mobility: Would you like to view those dashboards anywhere? Power BI has published apps for Windows, Apple, and Android devices (phone & tablets)

Scheduled Data Refresh and Sharing: Most reports usually take hours/ days to pull data from multiple sources, recompile on a regular basis, and then manually mail out to the teams. Power BI allows you to schedule a recurring data refresh, which means the data is constantly being updated without the additional man-hours.

Natural Language Queries: Another way to quickly create visuals from your data is with Q&A or natural language. For example, “what was the total number of sales leads last year”. Being able for any end-user to explore data using simple, natural language is huge. Gone are the days of waiting in line to get the data analyst to build you a special report or visual chart.

What’s the bottom line? Everyone is looking for a low cost (is free low enough?) user-friendly analytics tool that’s already connected with the leading point solutions, and easy to configure dashboards that can be viewed anywhere on any device.

Question: What are you waiting for?

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